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Finally… a K.I.T.T. Clone Car for Sale!

January 31, 2007


Who wouldn’t trade for the life (and hair) of one David Hasselhoff ? He is a quadruple threat… singing, acting, dancing, and um, uh, life guarding. Well, I’ll save my detailed thoughts on David for a future post.

Let’s talk about Night Rider… who did not dream of owning that car… not just any car… a talking thinking, knock-you-in-the-ass-with-my-door car? The voice of K.I.T.T. creeped me out a little bit… too parental. But maybe that is just what Michael needed…

If you have some extra cash laying around and want to entertain some Knight Rider / Smokey and the Bandit fantasies… here is the car for you, available on Ebay Canada. I got to hand it to those Canadians, they know craftsmanship. Just look at that state-of-the-art console! This car is the whip!


I think my neighbor across the street would sell his soul for this car… he is an unusual guy to say the least. He collects vintage (I use that term loosely) cars from the seventies and eighties. Having those cars lined up on the street is a real plus to the home resale values on my street! Yes, Trans Ams and Firebirds with T-tops and giant decals of angry birds on the hoods. All of the above. I will let him know his dream of being David Hasselhoff incarnate could be realized now! Sweet!


Go Bears!

January 31, 2007

I just got my overpriced Bears NFC Champions T-shirt in the mail. It is beautiful.

But not as beautiful as the illuminated Bear showing up each night at the CNA Center in downtown Chicago. Papa Bear Hallas is smiling I am sure.



Read more about the painstaking efforts it took to make this glorious display of fandom possible in the how-do-they-do-that.pdf.

Biker Fox

January 30, 2007


If you are looking for a rare talent to entertain your family and friends, look no further than BikerFox. He may be the perfect option for your bat mitzvah, bachelorette party or tea party. To get the full effect(or affect?), make sure you check out Fox Photoz. He must have booked Glamour Shots for a triple session. “O.K. now, show me sassy, give me sassy! Now, let’s try it with you leaning on the handle bars.”

I think this is Gallaher’s long lost brother! Entertainment is in his blood.

Thanks to Chris Hansen for the reference.

Monkeys on the Simpsons

January 30, 2007


“I’ll buy a bunch of monkeys, dress them up, and make them re-enact the civil war.”
– Homer Simpson

I love the Simpsons. They give special attention to monkeys and that makes me love them all the more.

“U2-charist”: Bono moves in mysterious ways

January 29, 2007


LONDON (Reuters) – For Anglicans who still haven’t found what they’re looking for, the Church of England is staging its first “U2-charist” communion service — replacing hymns with hit songs by the Irish supergroup.

“Rock music can be a vehicle of immense spirituality,” said Bishop of Grantham Timothy Ellis, announcing plans for the unique service in the central English town of Lincoln in May.

A live band is to play U2 classics like “Beautiful Day” and “Mysterious Ways” with special singalong lyrics displayed on a giant screen. Seating for the 500-strong congregation is to be re-arranged so everyone can dance and wave their hands.

The service is to focus on the Millennium development goals — U2’s lead singer Bono is a leading promoter of the targets to alleviate world poverty.

Monkeys on Parade!

January 24, 2007


I am not sure when my fascination with monkeys began… probably the time one of the playful primates jumped into the stroller that my twin brother and I were in at the Milwaukee zoo! No harm done, just a good laugh and a great story for my parents to tell!

I have never owned a monkey, but my sixteen-month old son exhibits superior – freakish – climbing ability, so that is close enough. He also loves bananas almost as much as I do!

So what’s with the name of the blog? It may sound whimsical, sarcastic, odd, dumb, or child-like to you… let me assure you, it will be all of those things, just like me. Sometimes I feel like a monkey in a parade… chided and jeered by this world as I march to it’s twisted drum… but at times I love this march, banging away on a tiny cymbal as my friends in line laugh with me, cranking on their organ grinders and tooting on their kazoos.

All I am really looking for is a place to start conversations with old and new friends!
I hope you join in the parade!