Finally… a K.I.T.T. Clone Car for Sale!


Who wouldn’t trade for the life (and hair) of one David Hasselhoff ? He is a quadruple threat… singing, acting, dancing, and um, uh, life guarding. Well, I’ll save my detailed thoughts on David for a future post.

Let’s talk about Night Rider… who did not dream of owning that car… not just any car… a talking thinking, knock-you-in-the-ass-with-my-door car? The voice of K.I.T.T. creeped me out a little bit… too parental. But maybe that is just what Michael needed…

If you have some extra cash laying around and want to entertain some Knight Rider / Smokey and the Bandit fantasies… here is the car for you, available on Ebay Canada. I got to hand it to those Canadians, they know craftsmanship. Just look at that state-of-the-art console! This car is the whip!


I think my neighbor across the street would sell his soul for this car… he is an unusual guy to say the least. He collects vintage (I use that term loosely) cars from the seventies and eighties. Having those cars lined up on the street is a real plus to the home resale values on my street! Yes, Trans Ams and Firebirds with T-tops and giant decals of angry birds on the hoods. All of the above. I will let him know his dream of being David Hasselhoff incarnate could be realized now! Sweet!

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2 Comments on “Finally… a K.I.T.T. Clone Car for Sale!”

  1. chris Says:

    knight rider KNOWS when YOU’VE been BAD!

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