Having a Bad Bidet…


I was on my way out the door this morning and heard a strange rumbling noise as I walked through our dining room… it seemed to be coming from the bathroom… but no one was in the bathroom!

When I went to see what this truck-like rumbling was, I saw water shooting out of the toilet, spraying all over the room and bubbling over like a fountain! I got my wife, Michele to come and see… I was laughing because it was like a scene from Poltergeist or something. She had just cleaned this bathroom, so it was not as humorous to her.

She shouted, “Why God… why???” No not really, she was pretty calm.

She went upstairs to get some towels to stop the overflow as I turned off the water going to the toilet. I heard her yell from upstairs, “This toilet is doing it too!”

I ran upstairs, and sure enough, the sewer demon had struck again. I shut the water off there, wondering what drain opening would turn into a fountain next.

This was not good… we just had our furnace replaced YESTERDAY… and I was thinking something happen with that, or maybe a pipe froze when it got down to 40 degrees in our house the night before. I don’t know much about plumbing, so I had no idea what to do.

Then, my wife noticed a Public Works truck down the street, cleaning out the sewer. As I looked out our front door, I noticed our neighbors out talking with these burly men in orange vests. Aha! It was not my plumbing! It was a cousin Eddy look-alike, feeding a hose-like water canon of 3000 psi of air into my toilets!


After talking with these two striking older gentlemen from the City of Elgin, I came to understand theri game plan. My neighbor had some kind of clog… yes the same neighbor from the last post! The first city worker I spoke with (Cousin Eddy) proceeded to tell me, “that should not happen… I used low pressure…”

Then the other worker approached, with a different story. “When we shoot air down there, it is a like a tornado under the street! I suppose that could push some water up…”

I replied, “No kidding! We would like some warning next time.”

Then offered to come and help clean up and take a look. I thanked them and declined. What a nice gesture! Customer service is not lost!

I should have handed them a mop, but with those big puffy Carhartt coveralls on, it would have been a challenge to get down and clean around the bowl.

So everything is working normal now, the priest has finished his exorcisms, and we need to disinfect! I hope you had a better start to the day!

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