Miniature Earth


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This is a thought-provoking website giving a presentation of what the world would be like if it were just 100 people.

I often find myself returning to the thought that all of the stuff I have might be a distraction to what is real and true rather than a blessing. I am not totally convinced of this, but the teachings of Jesus and the Kingdom mess with me enough to keep this idea in my head!

What I am trying to avoid is to be drawn towards justice and helping the poor because it is trendy or romantic. I see this tendency among Christians to talk about and even get involved with social issues because it seems to be the hip thing to do.

What I am interested in discovering is how I might find God’s Kingdom among the poor… what I might learn about myself and about Jesus if I am willing to put aside my fear, pride, and prejudices. I am afraid of what I would see in myself, and what God may ask me to give up…

Pray that I would have faith to continue to seek God’s Kingdom and allow him to search and shape my heart.

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