Tiny Toe Lint


My son Angelo is nineteen months old now, and his personality is really shining. He is really fun (and challenging).

He likes to clean… this morning he was ‘swiffering’ our bedroom, and doing a pretty good job. He covers every corner of the room… a real stickler for detail. He cries when you take the broom away from him!

I was holding him in my lap this morning and he pulled his sock off and began picking sock lint from between each toe and putting it in his hair! He started doing this when he was just a few months old… I suppose it is better than putting things in his mouth!

Usually when finds lint or tiny specs of dirt on the floor he will go out of his way to hand them to you. He notices everything!! We are pretty sure we know where he gets this detailed obsessive nature from…

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One Comment on “Tiny Toe Lint”

  1. Michele Says:

    You do have an amazing son! He surprises me every day as he discovers the world around him. Just to add to your comment regarding his detailed obsessive nature… He had to come into this world on his “due date”! Incredible!

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