tapping into a new market…


If you have ever played Whirly Ball, you know it is spine-jarring, bone-crushing fun. It combines bumper cars, basketball (sort of) and Trac-ball. Trac-ball was that funky game from the seventies that you played in between Jarts (Lawn Darts) and Frisbee Golf.

I wish I still hard our authentic Jarts set… it later got banned because kids were getting impaled by there giant metal darts! Good fun. Whamo had to be printing their own money back then… that is before the lawsuits.

Anyway, I just recieved an email from our friends at the local Whirly ball Establishment inviting me to be a part of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Open House this Sunday. I love their tag-line “Throw a Party that Kicks Tuchas!” The image of ten budding tweeners, donning there kippahs, crashing into each other is a very funny scene in my mind!


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2 Comments on “tapping into a new market…”

  1. M. Gibson Says:

    That is a little too Anti-Semitic for someone who represents a major Christian youth ministry organization. Tone it down, funny boy.

  2. It looks as though the thought police have tracked me down…

    The last comment was from “M.Gibson”… I am honored Mel would take time to check out my blog.

    I am not sure something can be “a little too anti-semitic”… either something is or it isn’t… and I definitely am not!

    I am a huge supporter of Jewish beliefs, people and values. They rock!


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