As I was driving to my office this morning I passed a service van parked on the side of the road that had “Community Restoration” imprinted on the side of it. A supervisor or law enforcement official sat in the van watching two men and a woman in bright orange vests pick up garbage on the side of the road.

I was intrigued  by the use of the term “Community Restoration”. It made me glad that the city of St. Charles sees the need to restore beauty and character, and in some ways is making this happen. It also made me think about our (my) role as one who brings restoration.  I wonder why our society devalues our environment so much that we chuck trash out of our cars everywhere and expect someone else to clean it up. We are enamored with the immediate, wasteful and careless.

What if we saw the places around us as our responsibility to care for… not just our own yards… but the neighborhoods and streets in which we live. I am not just talking about picking up trash (though that is not a bad place to start)… it is an attitude of the heart… of being stewards of creation… being agents of restoration with the idea of creatively restoring beauty and wholeness in the places and people that we come into contact with. That task is daunting, especially for a selfish person like me, but together we can work towards “Community Restoration” inwardly and outwardly… and God will smile.

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2 Comments on “Restoration”

  1. I just saw this quote…

    “I am today raising a flag of opposition to this alarmism about global warming and urging all believers to refuse to be duped by these ‘earthism’ worshippers,” the Rev. Jerry Falwell said in a Feb. 25 sermon on “The Myth of Global Warming” at his Lynchburg, Va., church.

    I don’t get him at all. This almost seems evil.

  2. Kevin Says:

    That’s some good stuff. Thanks for sharing that.

    I know my dad doesn’t believe that global warming is a reality, which to me (and him) almost doesn’t matter in the way that, as Christians, we should already be stewarding what God gave us. I don’t think as Christians we need global warming to move us to take action in caring for the Earth, I think the fact that God created the Earth for us should move us to take action in caring for the Earth.

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