George is keeping us company…


I have been home for the past two days with my son, Angelo, who is sick with the stomach flu. While their have been some very unpleasant moments and sleepless nights, their is something special about being here for him and with him. I am comforted in comforting him and helping him to feel like he is not alone.

Angelo does not watch much TV. I am a TV junky, and we’re trying to break the cycle with him. But when he’s sick, we let him watch. We watched a Curious George marathon on PBS yesterday. I am annoyed by most all children’s cartoons because it seems like the characters are always shouting or yelling and talking down to children. (Listen for this the next time you catch a cartoon while flipping through the channels… you will see that I am right!)

Anyway, Curious George is really good. Narrated by William H. Macy, these stories capture the simplicity, pace and playfulness of the books. One of the things I love about it is that George doesn’t talk like a human, but makes… well… monkey noises! He is always trying to help others… but that is what gets him into trouble.

I joke with m wife that my son and I could basically live the same life… follow the same nap schedule, eat the same foods, play with the same toys and now, watch the same programs!

My love for Curious George also motivated me to find out more about the authors. There is a great book entitled The Journey That Saved Curious George: The True Wartime Escape of Margret and H.A. Rey that details the childhood and life of these interesting artist/authors told in picture book format.

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