Hamster Shredder


Every office needs one of these. In this green era of environmental concern, this will help take our office to the next level of eco-friendly. It also will help put those lazy, smelly little rodents to work. No more “spinning their wheels” and getting no where with no payoff… now they get a fresh bed of paper to play on and poop on. It truly is the circle of life… I get crap in the mail with semi-private data on it offering for me to go further into debt, and I get a rodent to shred it, sleep on it, gnaw on it and crap on it.

Now, if we can just figure out someway to power the coffee maker… maybe we could get a squirrel involved…

This is actually part of an artist work named Tom Ballhatchet.

(hit to engadget)

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One Comment on “Hamster Shredder”

  1. Kelli Says:

    If you let us get one of these at the office, I promise to feed the hamster! I will have to recruit someone to clean the cage…

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