Comfort Food


I am feeling run down this week. Lots of stuff on my to do list at work and home, and some very emotionally draining stuff. No, I am not feeling sorry for myself. I am not a binge eater, but I do turn to a certain food for comfort… cereal. Yup, the old breakfast staple, good anytime, especially late at night.

Some may dabble with chocolate or fried chicken, I am a cereal man. Not your typical cereal guy… I won’t eat your “candy” cereals – fruit loops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or anything with the term frosted in the title. Too sweat. I like the healthier variety – Kashi, Cherios… mostly organic. I also have cereal with rice milk, as it is a little easier on the plumbing. So tonight, I am huddled in front of the TV with a bowl of Kashi Autumn Wheat watching the beloved Bulls battle the Pistons. Nice. 🙂

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