Uncle Jesse Lives in My Heart


I am not sure how I stumbled upon this… I really have no good excuse…
But yes, there is a website called the John Stamos Shrine of Power.
I hope that the site is tongue-in-cheek, even so, it is a little creepy.

Equally as scary is the WWUJD site (What Would Uncle Jesse Do?).

Don’t get me wrong, I got love for Uncle Jesse, he inspired my mullet in the late eighties.
Rock on!


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One Comment on “Uncle Jesse Lives in My Heart”

  1. Tony Myles Says:

    My favorite JS stuff is whenever Conan O’Brian would have his ex-wife on (when she was married to him). He’d swoon all over her and then resentfuly yell into the air (because she was married) with an echoed microphone “STAMOS!!!!”

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