I Love Macs


I am a Mac lover. I have been working on Apple Computers since before the Mac was created, as our first home computer was the Apple IIe back in 1983. My brother and I learned word processing, a little bit of spreadsheet action, and some crude proDOS programming on this computer. We were really jazzed when my Dad hooked up a little color television to it, replacing the green and white monitor. I guess I am dating myself a bit here…

Anyway, the computer was actually very advanced, and was one of the first home computers to have an internal hard drive. It also had dual 5.25 floppy drives – sweet!! In fact, my Dad still has this beauty in his basement and it still works. We had some pretty rad games for it… One on One with Dr. J and Larry Bird, Pac the Man (yes a Pacman ripoff), Indian Jones… there were actually a lot of games as they tried to keep pace with the commodore 64. I hated the kids with those… braggarts.Yeah the had more titles and fancy controllers, so what. I could draw some pretty bitchin graphics with Dazzle Draw and Print Shoppe that they couldn’t touch.

That was the beginnings of the copying and fear of all things Apple… which has escalated into the empire known as Microsoft today. I love it that Apple is stickin it to all the suckas with the “I am a PC. I am a Mac.” commercials; they embody the lies that people have bought for decades about the boring windows world.

Oh, how the tables have turned, my friend. Look who has the inferior operating system now… the curtain has been pulled on the great oz… the small, spineless copycat behind the great empire has been exposed. Macs are not just for “graphics” as so many have claimed for years… they are for the “rest of us” – a growing number who are not selling out to the man. Yes, a shrinking contingency of nerdy IT techs and gamers still clutch tightly to their beige boxes, but their voices have become faint.

I guess my passion about this is a little scary, isn’t it?
Once you go mac, you’ll never go back!

I saw you eying my macbook pro…


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5 Comments on “I Love Macs”

  1. Doug Jones Says:

    my first computer was obtained in 01/1985 it was a Macintosh 128K… I totally dug that baby – it had a handle – it was portable!! It got me through my bachelor’s and my master’s degree.

  2. riddle Says:

    i believe that jesus would use a mac.

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  4. […] have a choice in the matter) it is time for you to make a change. Life is better on the Mac side, trust me. I bristle a little at people getting macs “to look cool” or because it is trendy. Get […]

  5. Adamu Adil Says:

    yah i really love it

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