I must break you…

Picture this… An aging boxing champion returns to the ring to regain his glory. He must defend the honor of his country and tear down the young Russian upstart. Two worlds collide… is east vs. west or man against man?


No… I am not talking about Apollo Creed vs. Ivan Drago from Rocky IV...
No… this is the real deal. Evander Holyfield will try to take down Sultan Ibragimov on Oct. 13, where else… Moscow. I have affectionately nicknamed the Russian “The Sultan of Swing”. I think he would pummel me if he heard that.

300px-eholyfield.jpg 2486983567.jpg

I just hope that Evander doesn’t get crushed like Apollo did. We may need to send in Rocky to save the day and avenge Evander’s loss.

I can see the training sequence now… a puffy 60-year old Balboa with thick beard and bulging muscles … lifting large timbers fireside with Burt Young balancing on his ankles… then, running through a lush snowy Siberian forest. Ahhh… the stage is set for Rocky 7… Stallone, are you listening? Can we call Survivor to come up with another hit for the soundtrack?

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2 Comments on “I must break you…”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Where do you come up with this stuff!? You amaze me!

  2. Tony Myles Says:

    I wonder how many people from our generation watch boxing purely because of the Rocky movies.

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