I know the iPhone has been out for a while… but I still cannot contain myself… iLove it!! No, I do not have one yet… but I am scheming and planning a way to get one…

When I see someone that has one, I just want to play with it. I am not a blind follower of Mr. Jobs and Apple, but pretty close. I have had an Apple computer in my house since before there were Macs…

The iPhone just seems like a great gadget to have while traveling (which I am doing a bunch these days). My only complaint from testing one is that the virtual keyboard seems a little small to use with my fat thumbs. It seems like you really need to learn to type with your index fingers to be effective with it. If you have one, chime in!

I have a samsung blackjack which is a pretty good design. I love the keyboard on it and the small size, but that is where the love stops. It runs the dreadfully clumsy Windows Mobile 5, and the battery life is dismal.

Needless to say, I have iFroth… maybe I should start a blog or support group with that name for people who really want an iPhone or other Apple products, but can’t scrape together the cash.

Tomorrow I am going to look in our basement for stuff to sell on eBay.
Do you need your lawn mowed?

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2 Comments on “iFroth…”

  1. seth Says:

    i feel the same. I cant mow your lawn, but i’m looking for stuff to sell on ebay too!

  2. brandon Says:

    I am hooked since I saw the rumors… but I cannot bring myself to pay for it… the price drop helped… but I feel like I would break it at least once a year by dropping or flushing it…etc…. thus making the $399 more of a yearly rental fee vs ownership… If I was confident in my own ability to hold it safely I would have one already…

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