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Invisible Children: Mac@work Profile

October 29, 2007


Every night, thousands of children march into the cities of northern Uganda, seeking respite from relentless persecution. For more than 20 years, soldiers from the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have nabbed children while they slept, like real world boogie men, and forced the kids into indentured slavery as brainwashed child soldiers. Peace talks between the LRA and the Ugandan government have begun, but the kidnappings still occur.

Motivated by the unseen war in Northern Uganda, Invisible Children was created by three young filmmakers with a singular mission:
To use the power of stories to change lives around the world.

Apple recently highlighted the efforts of Invisible Children, Inc. and their use of technology to make a difference in the world.

“If you’re going to change the world, you have to think outside the box,” says Jason Russell, one of founders. “You have to challenge the rules and laugh at the status quo. The Mac speaks to the creative spirit and the mind. It allows you to imagine what you want to do and allows you to accomplish it.”

Read the entire profile from Apple by clicking here.

Find out more about the movement of Invisible Children by clicking here.


Celebrate the Pain!

October 24, 2007

Yes… I watched the entire thing. I am gluten for punishment I guess. Their fresh remix of Amazing Grace got my toe tapping for sure. At one point I just took a ballpoint pen and jabbed it into my thigh as hard as I could to distract myself from the pain of their singing and dancing.

Not only does this remind me of the Happy Hands Club… but it also hearkens back to the days of my High School “Show Choir.” My first taste of the Cary-Grove High School Swing Choir was in middle school. Each year, we would file into the gymnasium for a 45 minute non-stop ride on the glee train. Amazing. It was a rich experience, laden with opportunities for mockery and cruelness that was brewing in my pubescent mind.

I could never figure out why people would join such a group… to meet girls or guys or both? Maybe it was for the outfits. Or to get out of class and travel. If you were (or are) a part of something like this, please tell me what motivated you to join, and what the person was like that directed it.

Schools still have these groups… I guess it is a training ground for aspiring performers that will one day take the stage in places like Branson, Dollywood and Six Flags.

Get ready for a big finish here… extend your jazz hands to the sky and sing with me…
Join the celebration and…. CELEBRATE!!

I need to go towel off now.

The First Pod Hatched Not Long Ago…

October 23, 2007



Apple released the original iPod six years ago on October 23, 2001.
They grow up so fast… snif.

Only six years to conquer to world. Not bad.

May I have the rings…

October 15, 2007


This past weekend I had the honor of performing my first wedding ceremony. The bride was a student in my youth ministry eight years ago! My wife and I have been mentoring the couple since before their engagement, and we have really grown close to them. They are great people who will have a great marriage.

Was I nervous? YES. I’ve been anxious about this opportunity for at least six months! It was no small occasion… almost 200 guests packed into the historic Baker Memorial Church in Saint Charles. I thought I might trickle down my leg… but once the ceremony began I was pretty comfortable, and made no mistakes. Amazing for me. I don’t anticipate too many of these opportunities… (and I am not looking for them)!

It was very different being on “this side” of a wedding ceremony… I have been in many weddings, including my own… but being the minister is really different. It is both gratifying and exhausting! This experience also gave me an even bigger appreciation for my wife – and a reminder of what an amazing and sacred privilege marriage is.

Bear’s Eek Out a Win…

October 8, 2007


Bears beat the Packers in a close one tonight.
All is right with the world… until next Sunday’s game!

Dancing Paul

October 2, 2007


I am not sure where I found this… or why I find it entertaining!
Maybe I relate to Paul’s whiteboy moves. Pretty fly for a white guy.
I recommend a little Sir Mix-A-Lot…

Sometimes you just gotta shake your money maka.

Try this one on, too…