Windows users… it’s time for a change.


I am not trying to be pushy or condescending… but if you are still using a Windows based computer (and you have a choice in the matter) it is time for you to make a change. Life is better on the Mac side, trust me. I bristle a little at people getting macs “to look cool” or because it is trendy. Get one because you want a better experience and it will help you be more creative and productive.

If you need more information, read this article from USA today. It is honest and helpful to those considering making the switch. It does not paint Macs to be perfect (which they are not), but it identifies the differences and why people choose Mac.

I appreciate this analogy from the article, which I think sums up the article well, “Windows users tolerate their computers to get stuff done. The Mac crowd enjoys its machines…” True that.


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2 Comments on “Windows users… it’s time for a change.”

  1. brandon Says:

    I have a co-worker who has a pc laptop and the adobe suite… It is sad really… sometimes I have to try actually use it to solve some issue on a layout… It sucks so bad I am not sure I could use one every day… even if I had too for my job. Every aspect of it is just backwards…

  2. I became a Mac-O on June 5th of 2007! Twas a tuesday (of course!) and the MacBook Pros where updated with the LED backlights (and lots of other techno-babble that I will leave off!), I worked through lunch and my coffee break to leave 45min early to get to the Apple Store in Woodfield…

    Was a glorious day! Amazingly, I am still using that same laptop (right now even) and it is still going strong and doesn’t at all feel incapable! Could be that I swapped out the 120GB Hard Drive for a 320GB and the 2GB of RAM for 4GB two months ago… 🙂

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