One Week’s Worth of Food Around Our Planet


Click here to look at what families from around the world eat in one week.

Each picture tells a story. The first thing I was struck by was the obvious contrast in volume between all of the other pictures and the last picture of the family from Chad. I also looked carefully at the amount of foods that were packaged as opposed to fresh and local.

All kinds of thoughts and questions are running through my mind from these images…

1. What might we learn about others by what they eat?
Food is a window into getting to know others – their customs, values and traditions. I would like to begin inviting others from my community who are racially and ethnically different than my family to involve us in some of their meal customs, so we can learn about their lives and build friendship.

2. What would my family’s week worth of food look like?
Would it reflect good stewardship or overabundance?
Would it show a commitment to health, wholeness and local economy?
How could we share what we have with people in our community?

3. What can we learn from those who have less?
How can we help families locally and globally who struggle to provide food for their family?
What groups can I contribute to that help those in need?

When you look at these photos, what do you notice?
Which of those families food would you most enjoy? Which would you not enjoy?
What thoughts and questions come to your mind?

I would love to hear your responses!!

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