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The Homeless World Cup

January 28, 2008


My friend Brent came over for dinner last night, and we talked for hours about all kinds of stuff. He shared about an opportunity he had to serve a homeless soccor team this past summer in Charlotte. When he mentioned that some of the players competed in the Homeless World Cup, I thought he was joking. I immediately had a half-dozen jokes and wacky promotional ideas to share… (if you didn’t know, I often have a hard time being serious.) But as he shared more, I realized what a great program this is.

What I learned is that The Homeless World Cup is an annual, international football tournament to inspire and empower people who are currently homeless to change their lives. The stories of how this program has helped people turn their lives around are remarkable.

Watch some of the powerful videos at:



Schrute Space

January 18, 2008


I just read a new post by Dwight K. Schrute entitled, “Why I Don’t Trust the Craftsmanship of Swedes.”  A must read.

Man, I really miss The Office.

When will the writers strike end?
I can’t bare the mindless drivel that the networks are rolling out in place of regular programming.

American Gladiators?!
Come on now. I tried to watch one episode just for the sake of nostalgia (…and mockery). Some one needs to help the Hulkster learn how to read from a teleprompter – he looked stiffer than Steve Urkel on a blind date. The gladiators look even more “roided” up and puffy than the first run of the show… it is worse than a Major League Baseball locker room. Yikes.

I guess it could be worse… I could be watching A&E’s Parking Wars – a reality show that is about cops who give out parking tickets. I wish I was making this up…  do we need a program to show us how lame a meter maid’s job is? This is neither Art nor Entertainment. This officially signifies the end of ideas from television executives. The idea tank had been running on fumes for a while but now they are officially out of gas.

I am going to pitch a reality show idea called “drab jobs,” giving an exclusive look into the tantalizing lives of some of the world’s dullest professions – toll booth attendants, pickle factory workers, laundry mat attendants and telemarketers... plus many more!  It could follow one of my favorites, Super Market Sweep

Shift Conference

January 3, 2008


The Willow Creek Association is completely refocusing on relevance in ministry rather than on a seeker model, and the Shift Conference is a huge step towards that goal. I am teaching a 3.5 hour point leaders track on Storying at the conference and hosting some “Cups of Coffee” to discuss story and learner-centered teaching. I would love for you to consider coming to the conference. In fact, I can help you get a $50 discount off registration by entering my code when you register: SMC8EMN (does not apply to Student/Faculty Rate). I do not get any money or credit for this, I just think this conference is going to be great!