Schrute Space


I just read a new post by Dwight K. Schrute entitled, “Why I Don’t Trust the Craftsmanship of Swedes.”  A must read.

Man, I really miss The Office.

When will the writers strike end?
I can’t bare the mindless drivel that the networks are rolling out in place of regular programming.

American Gladiators?!
Come on now. I tried to watch one episode just for the sake of nostalgia (…and mockery). Some one needs to help the Hulkster learn how to read from a teleprompter – he looked stiffer than Steve Urkel on a blind date. The gladiators look even more “roided” up and puffy than the first run of the show… it is worse than a Major League Baseball locker room. Yikes.

I guess it could be worse… I could be watching A&E’s Parking Wars – a reality show that is about cops who give out parking tickets. I wish I was making this up…  do we need a program to show us how lame a meter maid’s job is? This is neither Art nor Entertainment. This officially signifies the end of ideas from television executives. The idea tank had been running on fumes for a while but now they are officially out of gas.

I am going to pitch a reality show idea called “drab jobs,” giving an exclusive look into the tantalizing lives of some of the world’s dullest professions – toll booth attendants, pickle factory workers, laundry mat attendants and telemarketers... plus many more!  It could follow one of my favorites, Super Market Sweep

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6 Comments on “Schrute Space”

  1. drew Says:

    i just read ew’s strike update. it’s not looking good at the moment.,,20172472,00.html

  2. Phil Shields Says:

    This has got to be one of your best posts ever! You clever fella you.

  3. Amanda Says:

    Is it sad that I watched both “Gladiators” and “Parking Wars” on the same night with my parents? Is it sad that I actually really love “Gladiators,” that I got a parking ticket the day after I first saw “Parking Wars,” and that I actually have favorite gladiators? (Mayhem and Helga.) You’re right, it is…but I’m okay with that…

    I miss you guys….and I do agree with you about the ridiculousness of reality TV these days. I have a friend here at school who is trying (as in actually contacting MTV), to get her own reality TV show about her and her friends out on drunken binges and parties entitled “The Normal Life.” (Get it? Cuz we live in Normal Illinois!?) I don’t think MTV ever bought into it…which is surprising for them. I was actually nervous they may see potential in such an idea!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Oh and I also really loved Super Market Sweep in it’s day…..people used to frustrate me when they didn’t realize that their ticket to victory lied in those golden wrapped hams….

  5. seth Says:

    How deeply I miss the office.
    I got some relief seeing juno.
    “That aint’ no etch a sketch girlfriend”
    I am growing anxious for lost.

  6. lois Says:

    love it..hope you don’t get nasty e-mails from those who have those lame jobs..guess it’s much better than nothing
    or collecting from the gov.!! But you have the witt..maybe they will appreciate it !

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