I watched a movie on the plane last night called “Once”. This movie is about an immensely talented yet poor musician whose songwriting is inspired by love lost. The musician plays for money on the streets of Dublin at night, and works in his fathers “Hoover” shop repairing vacuums by day.

A young woman becomes intrigued by his music while she sells flowers, and is exploring her own pain from her marriage. They form a deep bound of friendship that inspires him to pursue his dreams of recording his music. (I am not sure why the movie got an R rating, other than some harsh language.)

“Once” is a great example of simple and beautiful storytelling weaved together with music and melody. It is not a new or edgy story, but still timeless and emotive. In fact, the names of the main characters are never revealed. The storyline and character development was powerful enough. I just wish I could have had my wife with me to watch it! Check it out.

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One Comment on “Once”

  1. Dan Says:

    Thanks for reviewing this film! Watched it last night and loved it. The Frames are a brilliant band and the remakes on this soundtrack are even better.

    BTW, my wife was with me, and she usually hates anything I like, but she loved it also.


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