Woo Woo!

I can’t wait until we get these whistle tips on the westside of Elgin. My two year old son will love it!
Maybe I should get this installed on my Accord Sedan.

“It’s like an alarm clock… woo woo!”

Can Bubb Rubb be a real person? He seems like a Chapelle Show character, doesn’t he?
His driving skills are something to behold. I wonder if he and Lil Sis are married?
I would have flown to Oakland to be at that wedding. Thank goodness that Lil Sis put the entire whistle tip issue in perspective… “it’s just for decoration… that’s it and that’s all.” Comforting.

My dad told me the story of when he was a teenager he and his brother installed a train whistle on their car.
My grandpa worked for the railroad, so they had access to that kind of hardware. They grew up in downtown Chicago, and would drive down the streets and alleys looking for people to scare the heck out of with a deafening “woooo wooo!!” People freaked out… and some got angry at them. Troublemakers. I guess they were the one of the first to pimp their ride!

[Hit to Hansen]

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One Comment on “Woo Woo!”

  1. cheryl Says:

    I can’t wait to hear these whistles down the streets of South Elgin – my alarm clock needs a new battery – now I can save mone!

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