Monkeys at the Zoo…

Here is a little video I shot at Brookfield Zoo this week. It was my son Angelo’s first visit to a “real” zoo, and he loved it!! This video is of a mother and child play wrestling. I love it when the child “claps” to provoke the mother into playing!

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2 Comments on “Monkeys at the Zoo…”

  1. MOMMO Says:

    Sounds like you all had fun! To heck with the ‘Darwinians’,
    Bet God first made a little monkey and kept adding on and
    coloring and deleting, and making bigger, and after making the Gorilla’s, He
    decided to make the walking, talking, communicating
    people we are, but maybe he thought we’d be more fun !

  2. […] few months back I posted a video I shot of two lowland gorillas, mother and child, wrestling at Brookfield Zoo. I think they are the same two in today’s […]

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