Why Monkey’s on Parade?

I just updated the about section of this blog… and here is how I explain the title:

I am not sure when my fascination with monkeys began… probably the time one of the playful primates jumped into the stroller that my twin brother and I were in at the Milwaukee Zoo! No harm done, just a good laugh and a great story for my parents to tell! As many twins do, my brother and I developed our own special vocabulary as we learned to speak… our word for monkey was “mi-you.”

I have never owned a monkey, but my toddler son exhibits fearless and superior – freakish – climbing ability, so that is close enough. He also loves bananas almost as much as I do! So what’s with the name of the blog?

It may sound whimsical, sarcastic, odd, dumb, or child-like to you… let me assure you, it will be all of those things, just like me. Sometimes I feel like a monkey in a parade… chided and jeered by this world as I march to it’s twisted drum… but at times I love this march, banging away on a tiny cymbal as my friends in line laugh with me, cranking on their organ grinders and tooting on their kazoos.

All I am really looking for is a place to start conversations with old and new friends! I hope you join in the parade!

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2 Comments on “Why Monkey’s on Parade?”

  1. MOMMO Says:

    WE will never forget that Orang and she would be tickled to see you writing about that funny experience! She was a
    smart cookie to realize you 2 were special that day, or was it the double stroller, which she readily adopted as her new mode of transport? At any rate, glad to see you grown and
    still monkey around !! lol

  2. Michele Says:

    Love the explanation… and your wonderful use of words! We are monkeys in a parade and we enjoy the journey together! You forgot to mention that our son has acquired about 10 stuffed animals that are monkeys!

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