Speed Stacking is Sweet!

I stumbled upon the videos below showing some of the worlds best speed stackers. Something about this “sport” that is mesmerizing! I love the Siamese-style stackers who set the current doubles record in the second video.

The World Sport Stacking Association is a large organization with thousands of stackers! They hold a world championship each year, using (and selling) only official regulated “speed stack” cups. A lunch-table game has turned into a international sport! Wow. From what I can tell it seems like grade school and middle school students are the most hard core stackers. I wonder if their parents or coaches juice them up with Redbull and Skittles.

If I start lobbying now, maybe I can help make Sport Stacking part of the Olympics in 2016 in Chicago…

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One Comment on “Speed Stacking is Sweet!”

  1. riddle Says:

    i got a set of cups for christmas from my kids. (I asked for them) and we play with them often.
    i’m not very fast though.

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