Chuck Norris Action Jeans

The fine print tells you that these jeans were “developed by Chuck Norris for stunt fighting in action movies. These great looking western style jeans have a unique hidden gusset which allows greater movement without binding or ripping.”

Hum. So thats why I have been ripping all of my jeans doing round-house kicks and lion dancing … I needed a gusset sown into the crotch of my pants. Finally, no more zebra-print Zubaz for me. I need to ask my wife to head over to Jo-Ann Fabrics with me and pick up some denim-looking gussets.

What am I thinking… Chuck Norris has already done all the hard work for us… imagine the science behind those boot cut action jeans!

[hit to my bro mark for this gem]

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3 Comments on “Chuck Norris Action Jeans”

  1. brandongrissom Says:

    yo. i have a new website.

  2. chris folmsbee Says:

    sweet. i need a pair of non-binding jeans for my swift kicks

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