Ginger Beards

A site about… well… beards… and much more. It is a whimisical and creative site of an illustrator, described this way:

“Is it me or do 90% of men blessed with the ginger gene celebrate by growing a beard?! As a freelance illustrator based in London, i’ve set about spreading the bearded phenomenon far and wide. The site incorporates some of my favourite toys and games i grew up with as a child of the 80s. In terms of the content of my illustrations i like to continue this theme by reminiscing and making references to yesteryear, inspiration also comes from the characters i meet, conversations and beards (obviously).”

My son has been blessed with the “ginger” gene I think… maybe one day he will be able to join this glorious community of ginger beards. I just hope it is later rather than sooner… he is only 3! I will keep him away from the high-tension lines.

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