Rogue Pooping Wieners Require Drastic Measures

(If you haven’t watched the video above, this post will not make sense. Then again, it might not make sense either way…!

The victim described the person calling as having a “graspy” voice – is that a combination of gravely and raspy? And the ransom note was so polite… no cussing… “please clean up the poopie from your wieners – this has upset us greatly.” The “i”‘s were even dotted with big bubbles! This had to be some junior high girls during a Miley Cyrus Sleepover Party Jam. Tee hee hee!

Wait a minute… I already thought Jesus paid the ransom? Alright… sorry… not funny.

Maybe she should hire Dog the Bounty Hunter to sniff them out… smoke them out of their holes and bring them to justice… like the The Lone Biker Of The Apocalypse.

I have a feeling that if she doesn’t comply… something drastic will happen… Jesus’ cement mustache will show up in her mailbox in a plastic baggie with a note: “BE WARNED… no more wiener turds – we mean business.” Good heavens, I think those girls got a hold of Dad’s Dremel tool… what will they do next?

At least it sounds like the plan is working… she is cleaning up all the little coils parked across the neighborhood by her precious wieners. Finally some real justice. Maybe I should try this with my neighbors… I think they have a Buddha statue in their garden…

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3 Comments on “Rogue Pooping Wieners Require Drastic Measures”

  1. cheryl Says:

    All right – I’ll have it back in her yard by 12:00 midnight tonight! After all, she is being compliant – and seems to be very remorseful of her insensitive doogie poopie drops.

  2. oodlesonoodles Says:

    THEY have the right to complain !! We always took care of our dogs’ presents. Now if we could only find the owner of “Poopy
    Raccoon”..we’d be happy !

  3. oodlesonoodles Says:

    p.s. Just leave Jesus out of it. I know it’s only a statue, but it’s the idea of taking him hostage, ugh.

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