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Jenga Pistol

April 18, 2009

Where do I place my order for this?
I love that they made the gun match the look of the Jenga pieces.

I can’t stop giggling when I watch this!

Thanks to IMAGO for posting this. I love their blog!


Wild Thing… I Think I Love You…

April 2, 2009


I remember this book from when I was a child. I always loved the illustrations, but thought the story was strange. We have a copy of the book now, and I was right!  The trailer for this movie is riveting… and emotive journey with indie rock styling. I so wish this movie had come out when I was a kid!  I would also love to get one of the posters from the movie (above).

Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich) produced the film and Jim Henson’s (Muppets) Creature Shop did the costuming. It comes out in October…and I am all in.

Instead of embedding the trailer, I am linking to the high res version on apple’s website. CHECK IT!


Cassette Tape Portraits

March 23, 2009


Ghost in the Machine (not sure who that is) has posted some amazing portraits created from recycled cassette tapes. The portrait of Bob Dylan is striking. Click here for the Flikr gallery. Check out the Hendrix one!

[hit to Drawn!]

Ginger Beards

July 3, 2008

A site about… well… beards… and much more. It is a whimisical and creative site of an illustrator, described this way:

“Is it me or do 90% of men blessed with the ginger gene celebrate by growing a beard?! As a freelance illustrator based in London, i’ve set about spreading the bearded phenomenon far and wide. The site incorporates some of my favourite toys and games i grew up with as a child of the 80s. In terms of the content of my illustrations i like to continue this theme by reminiscing and making references to yesteryear, inspiration also comes from the characters i meet, conversations and beards (obviously).”

My son has been blessed with the “ginger” gene I think… maybe one day he will be able to join this glorious community of ginger beards. I just hope it is later rather than sooner… he is only 3! I will keep him away from the high-tension lines.