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Eating Like a King… on Elvis’ Birthday!

January 9, 2009

Today would have been Elvis Presley’s 74th Birthday. One of the the things the King was known for was his outrageous eating habits. One of Elvis’ cooks was quoted as saying, “The only thing in life he got any enjoyment out of was eating.”

Eat he did… fried rabbits, squirrels and opossums, six-egg omelets, banana pudding, cornbread dipped in buttermilk, vegetable soup, macaroni salad, sausage and sauerkraut sandwiches, grits with milk gravy, baked ham, mashed potatoes, pizzas with barbecue sauce, burned bacon (a pound at a time), any kind of BBQ, fried peanut and naner sandwiches, Baked Apple and Sweet Potato Pudding, and his favorite… pound cake!

Ooooh wee… my chest is tightening and I’m getting dizzy just thinking about this.

His culinary cravings are so famous that dozens of cookbooks have been dedicated to Elvis’ southern-fried palette. My favorite titles are, Are You Hungry Tonight, and All Cooked Up! These recipes should include a reference for a good cardiologist.

The Ravenous Guide to Eating like Elvis includes stories of Elvis’ eating escapades, and 15 recipes of the King’s favorite foods. Their recipe for Elvis’ favorite sandwich is a must for anyone wishing to eat a meal fit for THE KING. This is the infamous sandwich in which Elvis flew two friends in the middle of the night from Graceland to Denver for.  Elvis would eat one of these by himself!

* 1 loaf Italian white bread
* 1 pound lean bacon
* 1 large jar Skippy smooth peanut butter
* 1 large jar Smuckeräs grape jelly

Now it’s time to raise our glasses for King’s birthday. Swing our hips a bit, and sing our favorite Elvis song. Get your skillet out and fry up one of these naner sandwiches… open wide and let the fried goodness and gooey peanut butter slide down your throat.

Then, strap on your goggles and knee brace and go work off some of those calories Elvis’ style… get ultra sweaty playin’ racquetball, man. Sunny and Red are waitin’!

Elvis at The Garden


Happy New Year! Stunning Pixilation Video

January 3, 2009

I just spotted this video on the DRAWN blog. At first glance it’s mesmerizing and has great music… but this is so much more impressive when you realize how it was created.

They used a process called pixilation, “a stop motion technique where live actors are used as a frame-by-frame subject in an animated film, by repeatedly posing while one or more frame is taken and changing pose slightly before the next frame or frames.”

The original link (HERE) has a making-of video in French with Dutch subtitles that is worth watching. This stunning video took…

  • 4 weeks of prep
  • 4 days of shooting
  • 20 “animators”
  • 288,000 tea lights!

Rather than linking a low-res Youtube version, I found a larger quicktime link below.

Happy New Year!


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Are Gadgets Making Us Awkward?

November 10, 2008


I like text messaging and email. It is quick… and it makes me feel like I am in control. I can conserve my relational and emotional energy – something very important for an introvert. But are those tools making me more shy and less willing to initiate more personal forms of communication?

I stumbled upon an article from last year entitled, “Gadgets blamed for making the world a shier place” from The Raw Feed, a technology and culture blog. Here is the post:

Psychologist, Harvard Business School researcher and etiquette columnist Robin Abrahams said in a recent interview that cell phones, iPods and PCs are casing a worldwide epidemic of shyness. She said nearly 50% of people say they’re shy in social situations, up from about 40% “in the past.”

“People shop online, they listen to their iPods rather than the radio — and they e-mail or text each other rather than talk. What we have is an increasingly complex social environment, combined with less practice at dealing with it because of technology.”

I can picture you rolling your eyes right now… thinking, “Please… we communicate more now! I am tired of people trying to find something or someone to blame for everything. Now we are blaming our cell phones!!”

I hear you, I hear you. I agree. But I am curious about this idea…. I have worked with teens for more than fifteen years now, and without question technology has radically changed the way they communicate over the last decade.

It does seem to me that more and more teens seem to be unfamiliar and restless with face-to-face and voice-to-voice communication. Obviously my work with teens predates our compulsive cell-phone-as-an-appendage, texting-more-than-blinking era. And I know that talking with most teens is awkward because THEY are awkward… uncomfortable and unsettled with who they are. Insecure. (Come to think of it, so am I…) Yes… developing social skills is part of their development.

Is our obsession with technology impeding social development? I am sure it is helping in some ways, and hurting in others. I wonder, as one who mentors and works with teens, will I need to focus more and more on helping them learn how to interact with each other in-person? …to learn how to be “a community”?  What do you think?

Tired of Being Tired?

June 13, 2008

I tend to blog more about lighthearted, not-so-personal issues… but I am making an exception with the hope that I might be a help.

Since my mid-twenties I have struggled with some severe anxiety issues. I was diagnosed with GAD – generalized anxiety disorder, and I was having panic attacks weekly with a constant sense of fear and worry. It was scary. I was afraid to travel and afraid to eat out for fear I would get sick. I spent several years working with a counselor, and that has helped me tremendously. I worry much less than I used to, and my panic attacks are all but gone. I got to root of much of my fear, and was empowered by understanding more about what was happening in my mind and body. I found out I was not crazy or alone in my struggle.

But it seems that my mind still has not been able to connect with my body on this issue. I am still “wired” most of the time, and have a hard time sitting still and focusing. My body does not want to go to sleep at night or get out of bed in the morning.

I ride a roller coaster of having lots of energy some moments and huge waves of fatigue most of the time. The fatigue is the worst, as it can be severe and debilitating. It feels like someone is sitting on my chest and a cloud has fogged my brain.

I continue to try all kinds of things to try and ward off the fatigue… I have altered my diet radically… I mostly eat organic fruits, vegetables and meats. I am now trying to eliminate processed sugars and eat less wheat. I exercise regularly. I have also tried (and still trying) anxiety meds. They do help – I sleep better – but they seem to make me more fatigued, less focused, and mess up my metabolism (I gained a bunch of weight for no apparent reason. It sucks.) Now, I am exploring different herbal supplements that can help. I also want to check into some relaxation and stress management techniques.

Last year I went to an integrated medicine specialist to try and make some sense of this fatigue. I went through some very expensive testing and was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. The doctor told me that I was overproducing cortisol, and that my adrenal glands were worn out, making me tired all the time. The symptoms definitely fit, but the doctor wanted to put me on a steroid to help balance me out… after some research, I declined. I am really trying to exhaust natural remedies before putting more meds in my body (especially ones that will make me swell up or gain more weight!) I am also finding that non-traditional medical routes are very expensive… so this slows the process as I try to “pay as I go”. Not good for someone who lacks patience!

I am not trying to be a complainer… I have a good life… and a great family. I love life, and I have so much to be grateful for. But I am often robbed of the energy needed to be able to live in the moment.

Why do I share all of this with you?
Not for you to feel bad for me. Really. Two reasons…

1. This is part of my healing. Talking about my struggle helps me to feel connected to others and not so alone. It helps me to remember where I’ve been. I see that I am being proactive and don’t get as discouraged.

2. I hope it is part of someone elses healing… maybe it is you.. and it will help you to not feel alone and less frusterated with your battle against anxiety and fatigue. Maybe it will start a dialog where we can help and encourage one another.

All aboard… next stop… Joy Junction!

March 27, 2008

My reaction to christian television is almost always the same… a combination of embarrassment, frustration and laughter. These days I am choosing mostly to laugh, and this segment is no exception. I present to you the precursor to Willie George’s Dry Gulch…

Check out the awful ventriloquist at 8:40… my next post will be dedicated to this fine art!

The Tipping Point… or the Point of Tipping…?!

December 17, 2007

This is a captivating commercial.

They obviously take fun seriously!
I love how the townspeople celebrate and marvel at the unfolding sport they’ve created.

Good things do come to those who wait…

(hit to Jim)

The Best Thing to Happen to Idol

April 28, 2007


I admit it… I watch American Idol. Think less of me if you like!
It was a special night this past Wednesday…

Idol Gives Back was a good concept that raised a lot of money.
Much of the programming and music was really cheesy, but the video segments from Africa were really moving. Ellen was funny, too.

I hope that others will be inspired to raise awareness and funds for those in need across the globe.

One of the highlights of the night was a special guest appearance from Jack Black.
I would say the finest performance to grace the American Idol stage ever. Enjoy.