Wingsuit Base jumping

Posted January 23, 2009 by Michael Novelli
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They  look like flying squirrels jumping off cliffs. Crazy.

Click HERE to watch video.


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Eating Like a King… on Elvis’ Birthday!

Posted January 9, 2009 by Michael Novelli
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Today would have been Elvis Presley’s 74th Birthday. One of the the things the King was known for was his outrageous eating habits. One of Elvis’ cooks was quoted as saying, “The only thing in life he got any enjoyment out of was eating.”

Eat he did… fried rabbits, squirrels and opossums, six-egg omelets, banana pudding, cornbread dipped in buttermilk, vegetable soup, macaroni salad, sausage and sauerkraut sandwiches, grits with milk gravy, baked ham, mashed potatoes, pizzas with barbecue sauce, burned bacon (a pound at a time), any kind of BBQ, fried peanut and naner sandwiches, Baked Apple and Sweet Potato Pudding, and his favorite… pound cake!

Ooooh wee… my chest is tightening and I’m getting dizzy just thinking about this.

His culinary cravings are so famous that dozens of cookbooks have been dedicated to Elvis’ southern-fried palette. My favorite titles are, Are You Hungry Tonight, and All Cooked Up! These recipes should include a reference for a good cardiologist.

The Ravenous Guide to Eating like Elvis includes stories of Elvis’ eating escapades, and 15 recipes of the King’s favorite foods. Their recipe for Elvis’ favorite sandwich is a must for anyone wishing to eat a meal fit for THE KING. This is the infamous sandwich in which Elvis flew two friends in the middle of the night from Graceland to Denver for.  Elvis would eat one of these by himself!

* 1 loaf Italian white bread
* 1 pound lean bacon
* 1 large jar Skippy smooth peanut butter
* 1 large jar Smuckeräs grape jelly

Now it’s time to raise our glasses for King’s birthday. Swing our hips a bit, and sing our favorite Elvis song. Get your skillet out and fry up one of these naner sandwiches… open wide and let the fried goodness and gooey peanut butter slide down your throat.

Then, strap on your goggles and knee brace and go work off some of those calories Elvis’ style… get ultra sweaty playin’ racquetball, man. Sunny and Red are waitin’!

Elvis at The Garden

Happy New Year! Stunning Pixilation Video

Posted January 3, 2009 by Michael Novelli
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I just spotted this video on the DRAWN blog. At first glance it’s mesmerizing and has great music… but this is so much more impressive when you realize how it was created.

They used a process called pixilation, “a stop motion technique where live actors are used as a frame-by-frame subject in an animated film, by repeatedly posing while one or more frame is taken and changing pose slightly before the next frame or frames.”

The original link (HERE) has a making-of video in French with Dutch subtitles that is worth watching. This stunning video took…

  • 4 weeks of prep
  • 4 days of shooting
  • 20 “animators”
  • 288,000 tea lights!

Rather than linking a low-res Youtube version, I found a larger quicktime link below.

Happy New Year!


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Sneezing Monkey

Posted December 17, 2008 by Michael Novelli
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Gazoontite my furry friend!
I want more of this. Give that chimp a pepper sandwich.

Have you noticed that monkey humor connects with all cultures and peoples?
It is making this world smaller ….and better.

Merry Christmas.

Kid Terrified of Puppets

Posted December 8, 2008 by Michael Novelli
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I am still trying to sort out why I am so entertained by this. Maybe because I have acted just like this, especially when chased by a bee or had a spider crawling on me.

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Monkeys on Ice

Posted November 26, 2008 by Michael Novelli
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Something to warm your heart this holiday season.

Put on a fresh pot of hot water for tea and cocoa.
Gather the kids, aunt helen and uncle gene around the computer…
and watch the grace and strength of monkey’s on ice. Happy Thanksgiving.

Will tangible media be extinct?

Posted November 19, 2008 by Michael Novelli
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I sometimes read Steve Rubel’s blog Micro Persuasion. In a recent post Steve contended that, “by January 2014 I will wager that in the US almost all forms of tangible media will either be in sharp decline or completely extinct. I am not just talking about print, but all tangible forms of media – newspapers, magazines, books, DVDs, boxed software and video games.”

He followed up his bold claim with several links to media companies efforts to move away from tangible media. While I would not be so bold to put a date on it, I tend to agree that tangible media forms will be greatly reduced in the next decade, for good reason.

He describes in an earlier post ways to go “media green” and help the environment by moving away from paper forms to digital forms of media. I like the way Steve is thinking, but apparently many people disagree… most people who have taken the online poll on his blog have voted, “you’re crazy”!!

What do you think?